Global deformation behavior:
Original solution
AFS solution


We support you during the introduction of AFS into your design and production, because it has always turned out a barrier to integrate new materials in existing products and processes.

However, in order to realize the full potential of AFS, for many applications there must be a constructive rethinking. In the past, this problem led to long introduction processes obstructing the establishment of new materials and material systems considerably.

Complete Solutions

We therefore offer the complete solution for your technical problem. We can identify the following steps:

  1. Definition of your requirements
  2. Assessment of how far the problem can be solved with AFS
  3. Development of a concept for a technical solution with AFS (preliminary design draft)
  4. Joint discussion of the concept
  5. Possible revision of the solution according to customer’s wishes
  6. Final design
  7. Technical realization of the design (production)

Throughout this process, we can draw on of our long-term experience in design as well as detailed knowledge of 3D-CAD and FEA. This complete solution, from identification of your problem to the finished product, offers the possibility of introducing products to the market very fast as well as the chance to gain an advantage of know-how.

Custom Alloys

We also support you in developing and manufacturing of metal powder based custom alloys with the following areas of use:

  • metal powder based sputtering targets
  • metal powder based boric sheets and panels in large sizes
  • metal powder based boric aluminium foam sandwich panels

Custom Machine Constructions

Due to our world-wide leading technique for foaming of aluminium, we can offer the development and construction of custom machinery:

  • infrared ovens and equipment
  • high-temperature pressing for bending and forming of aluminium
  • machines for mixing of powders