metalfoam design tiles

Aluminium foam is known for its high stability, its minimum weight and its particularly fascinating open-pored structure.

The pohltec metalfoam GmbH is the only manufacturer of single material aluminium sandwiches worldwide, i.e. foam core and cover layers are metallic, joined together without adhesive.
The further development of these aluminium foam sandwich (AFS) panels for the design field – metalfoam design tiles (MDT) – shows a crater-like, very decorative face.

The most attractive surface refinements are certainly Corten steel, bronze or copper, as they support the crater-like surface visually. But basically any RAL or DB powder lacquer is possible of course.

The metal tiles up to 15 mm thick are visually very appealing and do not convey the slightest hint of their true core – lightness.

The metalfoam design tiles are made by hand and each one is therefore unique. The tiles are similar in their structure but never identical.



At the moment formats up to 500 x 500 mm are possible, larger formats upon request


Freely selectable

(Edge) Height

6-15 mm (varies due to the manufacturing process)


Tiles can be calibrated in the edge area,
Sides can be precision sawed at request


Heat treated Aluminium-Foam-Sandwich-Sheets (AFS-Sheets) made of aluminium alloy Al 6082 and AlMg3Si6,
Hard surface, great flexural strength, light weight


Both alloys are corrosion-resistant


Not combustible and resist temperatures up to 560 degrees


Fully recyclable,
Free of solvents and adhesives and does not contain any harmful substances

Surface refinement

Corten steel, bronze or copper,
as well as all RAL and DB colours with suitable powder quality



Using normal commercial tools as in aluminium processing,

Connection to the supporting surface

Can be carried out with normal commercial tile adhesives based on epoxy resins,
The mounting of welding bolts or riveting nuts/bolts is possible

Static requirement

Design calculation is offered optionally


Inner and outer walls can be quoted for if needed and adjusted to customer requirement

Delivery time and quantity

Delivery times depend on quantities and are roughly 4 weeks for up to 20 square meters. No minimum ordering quantity. Even individual tiles can be ordered.

Fields of application

The fields of application are numerous. For example, application areas such as lightweight construction, facades, panelling, interior decoration or even art production are conceivable.